Richmond Hill, Ontario-based PCI Geomatics, a developer of remote sensing and photogrammetric software and systems, announced that it has released technology in China to help its customers manage increasingly large geospatial projects.

“PCI Geomatics is releasing several new products simultaneously in China in response to a demand for new and innovative tools to meet the increasing need for high volume data management and processing solutions. As recently announced, the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense (SATIND) plans to launch five to six new satellites before the end of 2015, starting (this month),” said Terry Moloney, president and CEO at PCI Geomatics. “We are pleased to release GXL 2013, Geomatica Discover, and showcase the latest technology from our Geomatica 2013 software.”

“We have been demonstrating the new capability to customers in China and have received a great deal of interest,” said David Stanley, chief technology officer at PCI Geomatics. “Big data represents a key challenge for organizations in China who deal with large volumes of geospatial imagery on a daily basis.”

GXL 2013 is the latest version of PCI’s image processing solution. GXL 2013 includes tools that allow users to generate digital surface models from large data sets of hundreds to thousands of stereo pairs, and apply 2.5D hybrid editing techniques. This gives users the ability to make changes to their elevation models and inspect the resulting quality of orthos at full resolution, in real time.

Geomatica Discover is a browser-based application that can crawl and index terabytes of geospatial information quickly. Geomatica Discover addresses a key issue with increasingly large and disorganized data repositories found in organizations, that results in inefficient use of resources, and in many cases data duplication.

Geomatica 2013 also released its latest service pack. The software includes innovations such as redesigned algorithms to detect clouds and remove haze, extract high quality digital elevation models from large datasets and improved data correction workflows of large projects. Geomatica 2013 also includes innovations for SAR image analysis.