Colorado Springs, Colo.ClearEdge3D announced the launch of a free open beta program for its newest software EdgeWise Building 3.0, which can create Revit building models using a combination of Automated Feature Extraction, Object Recognition and finishing tools. The open beta program, which will begin summer 2013, will allow users to test EdgeWise Building on live projects at no cost.

EdgeWise Building 3.0 incorporates new algorithms and object recognition technology that can identify and extract features from point clouds such as walls, doors, windows and other repetitive objects then export them to the correct Revit families.

“EdgeWise Building 3.0 has some very impressive new technology,” said Larry Kleinkemper, CEO of Lanmar Services, a participant in the closed beta program. “The ability to extract objects such as all window types from a point cloud and bring them into Revit as the appropriate family object is huge. It has the potential to revolutionize how we model as-builts in Revit.”

The final release of EdgeWise Building 3.0 will include a host of new features such as:

  • Object recognition technology to identify, extract and assign features to the correct Revit families
  • Full Revit integration to bring the extracted walls, windows, doors and other model elements into Revit as proper family types
  • Automated wall and surface extraction to allow users to quickly model inner and outer walls, and export to Revit as wall family objects
  • Billion point visualization engine to give users a high-definition view of the scene

“EdgeWise Building 3.0 marks the debut of several new technologies we’ve been working on as part of our National Science Foundation research grants,” said Kevin Williams, ClearEdge3D’s founder and chief scientist. “Our goal is to create the fastest as-built modeling software on the market with a seamless workflow into Revit.”