LIVERMORE, Calif. Topcon Positioning Group announced Enterprise3D, a construction and engineering management tool that facilitates complete jobsite planning, scheduling and reporting anywhere in the world via Topcon’s newly announced web portal.

Enterprise3D adds a new suite of easy-to-use business management tools that build upon the company’s Sitelink3D communications and site management system. Kris Maas, manager for 3D machine control product marketing, said, “Topcon’s Enterprise3D opens up a whole new world of site management possibilities.

“Topcon realized the demand for a simple, but comprehensive equipment planning and reporting tool for all phases of a project. With Enterprise3D, that tool is a reality for all the equipment on a jobsite. You can create task areas, assign machines, specify production and quantity data, and add dependencies.” He said the data is available via computer, tablet or smartphone.

“A subscriber can register to receive notifications with updated site information at regular intervals,” he said. “With Enterprise3D, equipment working together on collaborative earthwork tasks can calculate the volume of material moved, calculate differences between planned and actual volumes and send this information in a summarized form to the site manager,” Maas said.

Project and machine dashboards can be created for quick, visual access to critical data for each user. On the machine dashboard the task, 3D model, offset, activity and more can be displayed with active charting of pass counts, position and production rate. On the project side material, volume, as-built layer, cost code and more can be displayed with active charting for production rate versus target, progress versus plan and forecast based on actual versus planned.

“The new technology does not bypass the traditional methods of monitoring construction jobsites,” he said. “Haul counts and manual topo survey data can be uploaded via Enterprise3D to the new web portal. This information can be logged and compared against the calculated data coming in from the machines and then added to those same automated reports and status dashboards for a complete view into the earthworks status for any site, regardless of location.”

Enterprise3D and Sitelink3D are subscription web-based services offered by Topcon and its authorized distributors.