Toronto-based Optech announced the upcoming release of Optech LMS Professional Edition for users of the Optech Lynx Mobile Mapper. LMS Professional 2.4 brings automated LiDAR rectification algorithms to users of the Lynx Mobile Mapper as well. 

Developed over a decade of research and development, LMS Professional is said to increase workflow efficiency while improving the absolute and relative accuracy of mobile survey data.

LMS Professional 2.4 is in beta release, and will soon be available for purchase by all Lynx Mobile Mapper owners.

“We are excited by the results,” said Albert Iavarone, Optech’s business manager for mobile survey. “Optech LMS Professional 2.4 will completely change the cost model for LiDAR surveys with the Lynx Mobile Mapper. Until now, controlling for INS error during mobile surveys has been a manual, sometimes costly process. LMS Professional completely changes that. Its automated algorithms process raw LiDAR data and control points to produce output data of verified accuracy, ready for information extraction. This takes much of the cost and complexity out of the process.”

Optech LMS Professional brings many other features designed to improve operating efficiency for owners of the Lynx Mobile Mapper, including multinode processing, batch processing and automated coordinate conversions.