Exton, Pa.-based Bentley Systems announced the availability of the V8i (SELECTseries 3) releases of its InRoads, GEOPAK and MXROAD products, and the forthcoming SELECTseries 3 releases of its country-specific PowerCivil products in 2013.

All of the products share the unifying capabilities of Bentley’s OpenRoads technology, advancing through information modeling for multidisciplinary roadway teams’ BIM objectives, such as better design decisions, increased construction awareness and interoperability for asset management.

As a SELECTseries upgrade, OpenRoads adheres to established required organizational standards for drawing, engineering specifications, engineering computations and roadway design within – and, in the case of consultants, for – the numerous major civil owner-operators who have adopted Bentley’s civil engineering software.

OpenRoads technology provides the common workflow, data structure and modeling tools that civil engineering organizations need

Ron Gant, Bentley global marketing director, civil engineering and transportation, said, “Bentley civil software provides the most comprehensive design solution for all phases of the infrastructure lifecycle – from data acquisition, planning, analysis, and conceptual design to modeling, construction, operations, and maintenance. OpenRoads technology advances what’s possible in road design, construction, and operations through the use of industry-leading innovations including immersive modeling, design-time visualization, design intent capture and persistence, hypermodeling, information mobility across engineering disciplines and project phases, and construction-driven engineering. Moreover, it works purposefully with persistent point clouds and scalable terrain models – for example, concurrently with Bentley Descartes V8i (SELECTseries 3) and with ProjectWise Point-cloud Services to improve projects, including through automatic recognition of roadway features such as centerlines, ditches, and edges of pavement – and, of course, all files are easily managed in ProjectWise.

“This shared technology represents the next step in Bentley’s advancement of its civil engineering and transportation products as we continue to build on our hallmark of both practical and scalable information modeling software, now including comprehensive, unified, 100 percent 3D modeling software for roadway design for all of our civil engineering users.”