Maptek’s new I-Site 8200 laser scanner is designed specifically for underground applications. It can be coupled with a range of accessories to provide a complete scanning system for underground drives, tunnels and stopes, as well as surface stockpiles and silos. Scan data can be processed in I-Site Studio and I-Site Void software.

Like other I-Site systems, the instrument is designed for speed and accuracy of data collection, portability and rugged industrial design. In demanding underground operations the focus is on safety and ease of setup, requiring comprehensive scan coverage and getting an accurate model in the fastest time possible.The I-Site 8200 has a scan window of -35 to 90 degrees vertically and 360 degrees horizontally. Whatever the orientation of the scanner, integrated levelling automatically corrects scans before processing.

Speaking from the design and manufacturing facility in South Australia, Maptek Manager of Laser Scanning Solutions Athy Kalatzis said that coordinated development of all the elements - scanner, accessories, scan control interface, and processing software - allowed Maptek to ‘build in’ the underground workflow from the outset.

“As well as stepping into the surveyors’ boots to think about workflow, we bring the highest quality technical engineering to ensure portability, speed and stability without compromising accuracy,” he said. “We talk to customers - the extendable carbon fibre boom, hatch bracket and vehicle mounts have all been designed following trials and feedback.”

The boom extends up to 10 meters into a tunnel or over a void, and the quick release mechanism allows the scanner to be easily removed. The 3D view of the scan on the controller helps the surveyor or geologist see inside the stope.

“Maptek scanning systems are purpose-designed but maintain a level of operational flexibility. We are aware that a surveyor might move from underground stopes to above ground stockpiles in the same shift. The I-Site 8200 laser scanner is versatile enough to handle the transition,” Kalatzis said.

The I-Site 8200 is rated to IP65. Australian field trials proved the scanner’s reliable operation in the underground environment.

“We can safely scan underground, and survey inaccessible or dangerous environments,” commented Kalatzis. “We can mount our I-Site 8200 on a vehicle underground to survey drives, and tailor the instrument for specific applications such as pre and post shotcrete fill.”

Maptek also produces I-Site 8810 and 8400 laser scanners for long-range survey applications.