Topcon's DS Total Stations with Xpointing TechnologyLIVERMORE, Calif. – There is a new technology – auto collimation Xpointing technology – available in Topcon’s DS series of motorized total stations. The rugged, waterproof total stations are equipped with TSshield advanced security and maintenance technology, and Topcon’s exclusive LongLink communications technology.

“The DS, with Topcon’s intuitive MAGNET software onboard, is perfect for the professional looking for productivity enhancements to assist with a variety of applications from simple topo work to staking out complex structures,” says Scott Langbein, director of product marketing for Topcon Positioning Systems. 

The Xpointing technology features an intelligent algorithm that automatically collimates to prisms with precisely corrected angle readings, even in dark conditions. With the collimation Xpointing feature, there is “no need for the operator to focus on the prism; the DS finds the center of the prism automatically,” Langbein says.

The DS also is loaded with Topcon’s LongLink communications technology, which provides a wireless connection up to 984 feet. When connected with an external data collector, LongLink provides control at the remote rod position. “The remote operator can record the data for codes and rod heights for as-builts, eliminating most common field errors,” Langbein says, “For stakeout, the remote operator can view directions required to find the stake point. The system becomes an economical robotic system where the instrument operator simply needs to aim at the remote prism.”

The total stations also have an EDM (electromagnetic distance measurement) ability up to 3,280 feet with measurements made as fast as .9 seconds. “With the new ‘noise’ reduction algorithm, the DS provides accurate distance measurement to most object surfaces even over longer distances with its fast and powerful EDM.

“The DS series is easy to use and provides consistent collimation accuracy and speed regardless of operator’s skill levels,” Langbein said.

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