CyberCity 3D launched a service on its website for users of Autodesk software, such as Autodesk Infrastructure Modeler for engineers and planning professionals, which provides high-resolution 3D city models.

The CyberCity 3D Library for Autodesk Users gives Autodesk users access to detailed 3D building data, enabling them to expand the content and context of their urban infrastructure projects. In effect, the service provides a link to bring the building information modeling (BIM) and geospatial worlds together.

“Today’s urban planners now have tools at their disposal that vastly improve their ability to address the challenges faced in communicating their vision of renewal and sustainability plans effectively and authoritatively in 3D,” said Kevin DeVito, CEO of CyberCity 3D. “Our city model buildings, up to six inches accurate, are derived from aerial imagery and deliver a real value to those depending on detail.”

The library encompases 760 square kilometers with more than 500,000 measured buildings and detailed roof geometry, including pitch. Cities such as San Francisco, Washington D.C. and Paris are offered in their entirety. In total, it includes at least part of 21 cities, with plans to add more.