ITT Exelis subsidiary Exelis Visual Information Solutions has released technology that makes it possible for organizations to extend image analysis capabilities to a user base through a cloud or enterprise framework.

ENVI Services Engine is based on the scientific algorithms in ENVI image analysis software. It was developed in response to the adoption of cloud computing in government agencies. ENVI Services Engine allows agencies to create, publish and deploy advanced image analytics as Web services. These services are then made available from a server so that data from airborne and satellite imagery can be used for faster decision-making.

“The cloud implementation of ENVI offers organizations a host of efficiencies that are always welcome, especially during a time when streamlining resources and processes is essential,” said Jaye Lampe, president of Exelis Visual Information Solutions. “Deployment of ENVI Services Engine provides critical image analysis services across an entire enterprise, still providing the complex, proven image analysis methods decision-makers need in order to use data as actionable intelligence.”

The ENVI Services Engine architecture is flexible, allowing it to be deployed into nearly any existing enterprise, including Esri ArcGIS.