Pole Star Indoor Positioning CompanyPole Star announced the launch of its indoor location platform, NAO Cloud, which simplifies the deployment of indoor location solutions by introducing an automated deployment process that dramatically reduces time-to-market and the costs of indoor location-based services. NAO Cloud integrates the NAO Campus Software Deployment Kit (SDK), and enables users to deploy NAO Campus, Pole Star’s indoor location solution, in just a few hours, by using cloud-based software tools as well as positioning databases already available and shared by members.

In addition, third parties will have access to NAO Cloud’s crowd-sourcing capabilities, eliminating field interventions for a simpler, faster and more affordable deployment and maintenance process. Behavioral analytics or geofencing are also supported by NAO Cloud in order to maximize the monetization of value added location-based services.

NAO Cloud makes deployment, integration in mobile apps and maintenance of indoor positioning services a simple process, from a single venue to a worldwide multi-site coverage. As part of Pole Star’s partner program strategy, NAO Cloud enables anyone to easily and quickly add indoor location services to their services offering.

“The indoor location services market has reached maturity. Multi-venue owners, marketing agencies and major telcos understand the challenges and the value of hyper-local information and real-time interactions with customers and related indoor location analytics. Indoor positioning is the core technology that brings high value,” says Christian Carle, CEO of Pole Star. “NAO Cloud is the result of years of innovation and deep market experience through very large and complex field deployments around the world.”