Cambridge, U.K.-based Blighter Surveillance Systems, an electronic-scanning radar and sensor solution provider, released a multilanguage version of its BlighterView sensor and control software.

The software provides new features, such as language support in Arabic, Korean, English and other European languages; a modular architecture to improve integration of Blighter solutions into command and control systems; Esri GIS mapping; and support for third-party sensors such as cameras and thermal imaging systems.

Mark Radford, CEO of Blighter Surveillance Systems, said: "This feature rich multi-language version of our BlighterView software will provide the additional capabilities we need to support large scale deployment of radars, cameras, thermal imagers and other sensor systems into global defence and security applications, such as border and perimeter security and infrastructure protection.”

At the heart of BlighterView is the control panel which allows access to the advanced settings provided by the company's electronic scanning ground surveillance Blighter radar. The control panel is a key component necessary for a system integrator to design the Blighter radar into their system.

John Oyler, software manager for Blighter Surveillance Systems, said: "The addition of advanced mapping based around the Esri GIS system enables customers to load existing open source maps and satellite images, or their own country maps, into the application if required. The BlighterView software then overlays terrain data, radar, camera images and other sensor information onto the available map to provide a multi sensor display capability."

BlighterView is available as a stand-alone Microsoft Windows application and is also supported by a Software Developers Kit enabling system integrators to simply plug the required elements of the BlighterView software into their own command and control systems.