Riegl Laser Measurement Systems and Schiebel announced the integration of the Schiebel Camcopter S-100 UAS with the Riegl VQ-820-GU hydrographic airborne sensor.

The Camcopter S-100 UAS carried a special Schiebel-made fiberglass pod containing the sensor, the IMU-GNSS unit, the data recording and transfer unit as well as a digital camera during the flight tests in Großmittel, Austria.

This integrated system enables acquisition of hydrographic and topographic data.

The VQ-820-GU is designed to survey sea beds, the grounds of rivers or lakes and is suited for combined land and hydrographic airborne survey. Fields of application include mapping of coastal lines, lakesides and river banks as well as mapping of archaeology and cultural heritage.

Johannes Riegl, Riegl CEO, said, “We are proud to have succeeded with this first integration of our bathymetric laser scanner with the Schiebel UAS.

Hans Georg Schiebel Schiebel Industries AG director, said, “The combination of this extraordinary powerful and precise laser scanner in combination with the S-100 allows swift and accurate mapping of remote areas and will prove valuable in applications such as for mining, exploration and construction.”