LIVERMORE, Calif. – With the introduction of a new version of Pocket 3D software for its HiPer SR GNSS receiver, Topcon Positioning Systems is expanding the delivery of high-accuracy 3D positioning technology to users needing a low-cost, one-man layout and measurement system.

Pocket 3D is powerful, but easy-to-use data collection and control software. The new version 10.0.2 makes it fully functional with the recently introduced HiPer SR receiver.

Its field-rugged and fully-integrated design delivers a 1,000-foot working radius through Topcon’s LongLink technology. “This innovative wireless data link was developed specifically for the HiPer SR, and provides reliable and interference-free base-to-rover communications that don’t require an FCC license to operate,” said Tony Vanneman, Topcon construction products marketing manager. “It’s never been easier to realize the productivity benefits of one-man GPS control."

“We took the best signal tracking technologies and packaged them in a small, energy-efficient design,” he said. “Anyone looking for a rugged, easy-to-use, low-cost 3D GPS system will find what they need in the HiPer SR.”

Additional key features of the HiPer SR include:

  • Shock-resistant magnesium alloy housing – allowing the HiPer SR to take a 6 ft. pole drop onto concrete;
  • Weighs only 1.8 pounds;
  • 226 channel Vanguard technology, featuring Universal Tracking Channel technology, supports all satellite constellations;
  • Fence Antenna technology;
  • Quartz Lock Loop technology for GNSS tracking in high-vibration environments, such as on a four wheeler;
  • Capable of simultaneous LongLink operation with multiple rovers;
  • Sealed battery pack provides more than 15 hours of operation.