Viewpoint Construction Software bought BIM collaboration software provider 4Projects on Feb. 6.

4Project’s product portfolio will become available in Viewpoint’s existing markets in the United States, Canada and Australia. The United Kingdom-based 4Projects has 61 employees who will join Viewpoint; it has more than 40,000 unique monthly users employing its software.

The acquisition provides the opportunity for Viewpoint’s products to reach across software architectures, including on-premise, multitenant cloud and mobile to enable delivery of the right functionality on the right platform, to optimize the end-user experience.

Diverse project stakeholders and geographically dispersed construction team members can use 4Projects’ cloud-based product to access project-related information, such as the ability to manage, distribute, mark up and audit drawings, submittals and other construction and pre-construction documents.

"I believe bringing 4Projects’ products and their employees under the Viewpoint umbrella completes a large piece of the software puzzle facing contractors and their project stakeholders today," said Jay Haladay, Viewpoint's CEO. "Viewpoint has taken a holistic approach to providing efficiencies to solve the challenges of the global construction industry. We ... will be focused on delivering game-changing technology solutions to ensure that our customers can take full advantage of their rising backlogs or order book."

Portland, Ore.-based Viewpoint was named Oregon’s Best Software Company 2012 by TechAmerica.