Graz, Austria Kîsik Aerial Survey has contracted with Vexcel Microsoft’s UltraCam business unit and subsidiary—Vexcel Imaging, GmbH—to purchase an UltraCam Eagle digital aerial camera system. Kîsik started in 2009 and successfully built its aerial data acquisition business operating an UltraCamX. 

“It was a natural decision to increase our capacity with the UltraCam Eagle, based on our success with the UltraCamX. The image processing workflow has definitely been designed with the user in mind, being very intuitive and efficient,” said Teara Fraser, president, Kîsik Aerial Survey. “As a small business, Kîsik owes much of its success to forward-thinking technology and reliable service providers. The entire UltraCam team is closely aligned with Kîsik values, and there is no question they have been key in supporting our company’s growth.”
Kîsik Aerial Survey will use the UltraCam Eagle for a variety of mapping projects, such as municipal, corridor, forestry and block photography throughout the Pacific Northwest.

“The solid state technology and larger digital footprint of the UltraCam Eagle will be a major advantage for Kîsik,” said Bill Lakeland, vice president, Kîsik Aerial Survey. “The larger image footprint means increased efficiencies during image acquisition, as well as fewer images in the downstream workflow. The new camera also offers increased photogrammetric accuracy compared to the previous generation UltraCam systems, while maintaining excellent image quality.”