Croydon, U.K. – U.K. local authorities can now do live searches for council records on smartphones and tablets following a new mobile app from GGP Systems. Designed to make it quicker and easier for councils to access records held in different local authority departments, the application provides access to records via a central address database and can be used on iPads, iPhones and Android devices. The mobile application follows the development of GGP’s web-based gazetteer management system, GGP eNGz, which returns search results within two seconds of posting a query even when accessing a national dataset comprising of millions of complex address records.

Staff such as inspectors, engineers and planners need not return to the office to access the records they need, and as more and more council functions are centralized, a mobile worker can undertake a greater diversity of duties away from the office.

“Frontline workers in local authorities can now access the information they need, when they need it,” commented Tim Maxwell, managing director of GGP Systems. “GGP eNGz is fast, reliable and, most importantly, proven and will help boost service delivery and operating efficiencies allowing staff in the field or working from home to access essential address information at the touch of button. GGP eNGz can also facilitate joined up working and shared services; giving the same access to back office resources, to all parties, regardless of location.”

GGP eNGz is easy to use with advanced search options including intelligent single line searching, customizable dictionaries of abbreviations and aliases, and drop down boxes of search matches. GGP eNGz is also capable of informing results through adjacent property searches allowing users to query by “what can you see?” and “what are you next to?” Query results are returned as markers on a map, and GGP eNGz allows users to feedback corrections and or additions to the gazetteer data.