Oscar R. Cantu, a product specialist and trainer for Topcon Positioning Systems, will conduct a workshop at World of Concrete 2013 on the concept of data management within the “cloud.”  The title of his presentation is “Cloud Asset Management - It's Not as Intimidating as You Think.”

World of Concrete, one of the nation’s largest construction trade shows, will be held in Las Vegas, Feb. 4-8 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Cantu’s presentation will be Monday, Feb. 4 at 10:30 a.m.

“The 90-minute course discusses the aspects of improving a company’s communications and shared resources as a way to positively affect productivity and bottom line,” Cantu said.

“Working ‘in the cloud’ is relatively new to some industries and may be intimidating to those not familiar with it.  As a tool of the future, the cloud can be utilized today to instantly empower companies of all shapes and sizes.  From large civil engineering firms to land surveying companies to individual contractors, each can benefit by simply using the cloud in their normal project workflow.

“After staking out and checking field measurements using technologically advanced systems and software, all data can directly be sent from the project site to the cloud.  Users can quickly notify management and office staff that they have done so, and then download what is needed for the next project site; all without ever needing to return to the office.

“Using the correct software also provides the ability for company users to connect to their own safe-and-secure cloud,” he says. “The same files that were uploaded directly from the project site can be visualized, edited and processed to generate custom reports.”