Hallowell, Maine - Blue Marble Geographics released the Geographic Calculator 2013, merging the various modules of the Blue Marble Desktop into one software application.

With the release of Geographic Calculator 2013, Blue Marble retired the concept of separate modules under separate licenses through the Blue Marble Desktop. All of the features available in the Blue Marble Desktop are now available as the new powerful Geographic Calculator 2013, including all of raster processing and spatial database tools found in Geographic Transformer and Spatial Connect modules. Now users can have all the tools necessary for in-depth, accurate coordinate transformation and geomatic operations, with any type of GIS data, all in one application. The Geographic Calculator converts individual coordinates, point databases and map files from virtually any coordinate system, datum and map projection to any other. With the added functionality of the Geographic Transformer, Calculator users can now convert, tile, mosaic, resample, reproject and clip raster images singularly or in batch with the full coordinate power of the Geographic Calculator. Additionally, existing software support and maintenance subscription holders for Transformer will now have access to Geographic Calculator functionality at no additional cost.

Geographic Calculator 2013 also introduces a new streamlined license manager tool with automatic online licensing, the BMG Reprojector for the FME Workbench (additional license required), a new quick launch for Google Earth and new Geoid definitions.

"We are pleased to release the Geographic Calculator 2013," says Blue Marble President Patrick Cunningham. "We are turning a corner with this release, focusing in on the functionality of the Geographic Calculator as an all-in-one solution for geospatial data conversion, focused on users within the geomatics field. It's exciting for us to be in a unique position which allows us to add key features for our global customer base without affecting their bottom line."