Orlando, Fla. – Missouri and North Carolina DOTs started the year by joining 10 other transportation departments using TopoDOT for processing LiDAR data from tripod, mobile and airborne LiDAR systems.

Other state transportation departments using TopoDOT include California, West Virginia, Ohio, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Virginia and Wisconsin. Internationally, New South Wales Roads and Maritime Services, (Australia), Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation (Canada) and Queensland Department of Transport (Australia) are also TopoDOT users.

“We’re pleased to welcome Missouri and North Carolina to the TopoDOT user community,” said Ted Knaak, president of Certainty 3D. “Earlier TopoDOT adopters are making tremendous progress in integrating LiDAR into their workflows and processes. In 2013, Certainty 3D will offer exciting new support and training initiatives designed to share our expertise and knowledge of LiDAR technology with our DOT customers and support them in realizing significant gains in productivity and return on investment.”

To schedule a TopoDOT web demonstration or request a 30-day trial license, contact Lindsay Messer at lindsay.messer@certainty3d.com or click the following link and complete our online trial request form: www.certainty3d.com/products/topodot/trial.