LIVERMORE, Calif. – The Topcon Group announced updates to the MAGNET suite of productivity software products through new versions of MAGNET Field and MAGNET Office – v1.2.

MAGNET Enterprise is a cloud service that connects the Field and Office products and provides a web-based interface to company data. MAGNET Field is software that runs on field controllers and onboard total stations, and MAGNET Office is a stand-alone office software for processing and modeling. MAGNET makes it possible for real-time collaboration between project manager, field crews, office personnel, engineers or consultants.

Updates to MAGNET Enterprise include:

  • Launched MAGNET Relay mobile base RTK broadcasting service (subscription required).
  • Added tool tips for key icons and buttons.
  • Multiple improvements to Asset Manager.

Updates to MAGNET Field include:

  • Quick codes
  • Text from AutoCAD DWG files is now an option to import for viewing on the map
  • Users can export GPS and TS raw data to user-defined formats using the new custom export formatter
  • 3D Viewer
  • SiteLink 3D connections now supported
  • Simulation now available in all routines
  • More Calculate (COGO) routines
  • View options in map for background drawings and surfaces

Updates to MAGNET Office include:

  • Tools - Import DWG for 64 bit systems now supported
  • Tools - Processing option to assist import from Internet
  • Topo - Create points at tick intersections from AutoCAD drawings
  • Topo - Added annotations settings for two point arcs
  • Site - Create vectors from PDF files, and supports PDF files containing vectors and raster data
  • Site - Trace PDF vector data
  • Site - Trace Raster data
  • Site - Elevate polylines during PDF trace
  • Site - Scale PDF data
  • Site - Added SiteLink 3D interface and support

More information on MAGNET is available at and