HERNDON, Va.GeoEye has partnered with the Japan Space Imaging Corporation (JSI), a Mitsubishi Corporation subsidiary, to provide a major Japanese ministry with access to comprehensive high-resolution satellite imagery of all of Japan through GeoEye's EyeQ platform.

Under the agreement, which extends a deal first established earlier this year, JSI will use EyeQ to provide Japanese ministry analysts with on-line, on-demand access to the GeoEye- and JSI-owned satellite imagery covering Japan. JSI will manage the flow of online product to the ministry to ensure that ministry analysts receive imagery on-demand and are able to view the data through Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) services as part of their work flow process. EyeQ will allow a wide array of non-specialist analysts to quickly and easily access GeoEye's accurate, high-resolution content in near real-time, within hours of its collection.

"This agreement with JSI to serve a Japanese ministry marks an important milestone for GeoEye. The Japanese government is the first major international government to benefit from EyeQ managed services. This will allow the ministry's analysts to access geospatial data previously accessible only to highly advanced users," said Chris Tully, GeoEye's senior vice president of Sales.

JSI is a provider of satellite imagery and geospatial solutions for government and commercial customers. GeoEye has had a working relationship with JSI since 1998 for JSI to collect and sell Earth imagery and related products, initially from IKONOS and eventually including GeoEye-1. JSI has used EyeQ since 2010 and is currently the service's largest commercial customer.