HANNOVER, GermanySpectra Precision introduced new ProMark GNSS receivers. The ProMark 120 and ProMark 220 GNSS receivers, powered by Ashtech, provide surveyors with an expanded set of capabilities and enhancements, and they replace the ProMark 100 and ProMark 200.

Both models are equipped with an updated hardware platform that includes the latest Ashtech GNSS chipset with Z-Blade GNSS-centric technology. In addition, both come with the Microsoft Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 Professional operating system, which includes a language provisioning capability permitting customers to select locale-specific settings, such as language and calendar types.

The ProMark 120 features enhanced ProMark Field software v3.0 for a versatile and easy-to-use post-processing solution. ProMark Field software v3.0 introduces a large custom virtual keyboard, enables the import and export of user-defined text file formats, enhances voice information and guidance features, and includes many other improvements to make it an easy-to-use application.

The ProMark 220 features an internal L2 GLONASS capability that further strengthens the RTK performance of this robust dual-frequency and dual constellation network RTK rover. Its Z-Blade GNSS-centric firmware provides fast RTK initialization and more reliable RTK positioning, specifically in shaded or multipath conditions where GNSS signals may be difficult to acquire.

The ProMark 220 is offered with a choice of advanced field software applications: either the Survey Pro v5.2 or the FAST Survey v3.0 software. Both field software applications meet demands of surveyors, particularly for RTK network surveys. Additional software options allow interaction with a wide range of survey instruments and accessories to run complete survey jobs and survey projects where total stations are also used.

“With unique positioning capabilities and robust features, both new ProMark receivers are ideal tools for surveyors looking for a cost-effective, high performance and reliable solution," said François Erceau, general manager of Trimble's Spectra Precision Surveying Business.

Z-Blade is an Ashtech GNSS-centric signal processing technology. Unlike other commercial GNSS receiver architectures, Z-Blade is not dependent on GPS satellites for obtaining or maintaining an RTK fix. Z-Blade receivers use all available satellite signals equally, without preference to a particular satellite constellation, to maximize the user’s ability to obtain reliable GNSS positions in tough conditions. Provided it can see other GNSS satellites, Z-Blade allows users to achieve and maintain RTK positioning, even if GPS coverage is reduced by obstacles such as trees and buildings.

The ProMark 120 and ProMark 220 are now available to order through the Spectra Precision global dealer network. For more information visit: www.spectraprecision.com.