Z+F Laser released Z+F LaserControl 8.3, which is a unique software solution with complete workflow from data capturing to delivery, and is armed with tools for efficiency in scan jobs.

Three software packages of LaserControl 8.3 are ready to be shipped:

  • Z+F LaserControl Elements is the freedom to view and browse point cloud data without any cost. Easily share point clouds with customers.
  • Z+F LaserControl Professional offers a suite of filters, which allow differentiated preprocessing of scan data and are the key to demanding data handling.
  • Z+F LaserControl Professional PLUS gives extended functions for registration, additional data visualization and project management tools.

Additional to these packages, the following module is available:

  • The Forensics module is a customized product that matches the high standards of the German police.

New features to LaserControl 8.3 include:

Plane-to-Plane Registration
The new module Plane-to-Plane registration offers the user another possibility to align scans without the use of targets. This module registers scans by assigning automatically homologous planes to a scan-dataset.

Register Traverse
This feature allows users to register scan data efficiently. By scanning back and forth (to the last and the next scan position), the current scan position can be determined. By finalizing on a known point, the traverse can be controlled.

Relation-Manager and Overview
A new view interface has been added. Besides “Bubble View”, “Grey View” and “3D View”, a new “Overview” can be found. Create a functional field-book on the job without extra effort.