ATLANS, a new cost-effective georeferencing and orientation system from iXBlue, has been designed specifically for land and airborne mapping applications that are conducted within a limited budget. The unit is ITAR-free.

The user gets a compact, lightweight gyrocompass and motion sensor that consumes very little power and provides all of the required data for demanding navigation, stabilization and control applications. ATLANS can be easily integrated with standard GNSS and DMI systems and combined with commonly used flight management, satellite tracking and mobile imaging systems. All of the interface and computing electronics are contained within a single housing that also features an embedded RTK GPS board for centimeter accuracy performance.

ATLANS is based on fiber optic gyroscope (FOG) technology. Being solid state and having no moving parts, FOGs have become renowned for their ruggedness and stability, and for their extended and maintenance-free service lives.

Benoit Kerouanton, product manager, said, "We have spent a great deal of effort over the years developing FOG technology, not just to improve its performance and reliability, but to get us to a position where we can provide simple to use, highly practical systems at very competitive prices. ATLANS capitalizes strongly on this work.”