After the launch of the S9III and S7, STONEX Europe introduced the S8 to complete the family of GPS/GNSS receivers.

The design of the S8 is compact and lightweight, only 1.2 kg, ensuring ease of transport in work areas. The lowest part is now covered in aluminum, allowing a better heat dissipation for the radio modem internal. The S8 integrates 120 channels, a GNSS board with accurate and quick satellite fixing, a UHF internal transmitting and receiving radio, a GSM/GPRS module for network connection generating differential correction (VRS, FKP, etc.) and a Bluetooth device for wireless purposes.

The S8 reception of GPS/GLONASS satellites is supported by an antenna inserted on the top part of instrument, to reduce variations of phase center position, improving observation accuracy. In the lowest part of the instrument is the battery (2500mAh Li-Ion high capacity) and the radio, which includes a frequency range between 410 to 470 MHz

The S8 has improved the thermal stability and the power consumption, ensuring high performance on operations field. The data transfer over radio UHF provides advanced technological levels, reducing the error rate (BER) at the maximum value of 10-7. The UHF antenna supplied with the receiver has a bandwidth of 20 MHZ, allowing constant gain in the entire operating band. The integrated radio modem has selectable output power of 0.5 W and 1W with the option to add an external higher power. The S8 GNSS is also compatible with popular handsets, thanks to the wireless modem which also includes the format TRIMTALK.