Hexagon AB, a provider of design, measurement and visualization technologies, announced that it will acquire 10 per cent of the shares in North West Geomatics Ltd.

North West Geomatics Ltd., also known as North West Group (North West), is an aerial data acquisition company that provides high quality aerial mapping and related spatial data services. Besides housing a large library of high resolution imagery and LiDAR data, North West participates in large scale aerial data collection projects throughout the world.

"Following a similar investment earlier this year in Blom, a leading European company in the same markets, this alliance further underscores our commitment to redefine the geospatial eco-system and provide new dimension to the industry overall,” said Ola Rollén, president and CEO of Hexagon AB.

“North West looks forward to continuing our long standing relationship with Hexagon Geosystems and assisting them in building their geospatial customer base” said Fred Welter, North West president and CEO.