Leicestershire, U.K. – Through a partnership with Blom UK, Bluesky is now offering BlomOBLIQUE aerial images of hundreds of European cities, with more coming online every month. The photographs, taken at an angle of approximately 45 degrees, allow for sides of building to be seen with easier interpretation of the environment by non-specialist users.

Designed to complement the more traditional vertical imagery already available from Bluesky, the oblique aerial imagery provide a unique perspective by exposing hard to see structures and improving the 3D data experience while also allowing accurate measurements of features.

“This is a truly unique product, offering a previously unseen view of our cities, and perfectly complements our existing vertical images,” commented Rachel Tidmarsh managing director of Bluesky International. “With coverage of every city in Western Europe with a population in excess of 50,000 and an on-going data capture program, we are excited by the potential applications and benefits [of] these images.”

BlomOBLIQUE images allow a user to examine the sides of buildings; exposing blind spots, entrances and exits. They also improve the identification of previously hard to see assets and features such as lamp posts, which, due to their small footprint, can be hard to see on traditional vertical images. Using a front-end web-based solution, desktop Geographical Information System (GIS), mapping software or CAD application, direct measurements of assets or features can be made from the oblique images and can be viewed in 3D.
“We are delighted that Bluesky is now offering our BlomOBLIQUE product into the UK market,” said Simon Kraeter commercial director, Blom Group. “It ensures access to up to date and accurate geospatial imagery for a new generation of applications and users.”

Aerial photographs are available to view and download from www.oldaerialphotos.com.