We are in full swing with the Olympics now, and I watch in awe and wonder. The Olympics are the quintessential melting pot of cultures, countries, athletes and information. Yes, information. And the information has intelligence.

All the information that you see on the television during the Olympics—be it the athletes’ record data or virtual and/or augmented video—is smart.

Did you see the world record lines on the swim telecasts moving in real time to the swimmers? Did you find yourself cheering a bit more to break the line? I know I did. Did you see gymnastics routines being compared to each other frame by frame, or the stop-motion of the synchronized diving? This is all intelligent data.

The more information we touch, the more we want it to have intelligence. Both geographical information systems (GIS) and building information modeling (BIM) have “information” as their middle name.

Is your business wrapped in or around information? If not, should it be? Should we be the quintessential melting pot of data? What does this portend?

As we witness the changes in the delivery of the Olympics with the explosion of technology, we are struck by the fact that our businesses are changing even faster. Do we need new direction or strategies for these postmodern times?