A few years ago, I attended a GSA conference along with John Russo, AIA, president and CEO of Architectural Resource Consultants (ARC). About 50 contractors were invited. It was a very targeted meeting—everyone there was involved in 3D and 4D building information modeling (BIM). As we started talking to people, we discovered that there was a lack of standardization in the services provided for BIM and for building documentation in general.

We began reaching out to clients, colleagues and organizations and discovered that the problems were widespread. With the increasing popularity of laser scanning, a number of service providers were getting involved who didn’t understand buildings, building design, building construction and the various scan requirements. The result was a great deal of miscommunication and frustration among software developers, scanners, architects, engineers, contractors, owners and facility managers.

The U.S. Institute of Building Documentation aims to bridge the gaps and provide guidance to everyone involved in the industry. We want to bring people together to try to establish parameters and standards. Through the USIBD, individuals and firms involved in building documentation will gain a network of support and information from industry professionals worldwide.

We are encouraging everybody who is interested to join us—we want everyone to have a voice in how the standards are developed and how other issues take shape. Recently, several organizations have joined the USIBD, including CyArk and the Association of General Contractors’ (AGC) BIM Forum. The interest in membership from other organizations and individuals has been inspiring.

Ultimately, achieving excellence in building documentation requires the active participation of all stakeholders. What can you bring to the table?