Recently, someone who reviewed my résumé questioned whether I was experienced enough to run my company. Odd, really, since I have been practicing surveying and mapping since graduating college in December 1990. But a closer look at my résumé reveals the reason for the inquiry.

I hate my résumé. I always have. The writing is stale and sounds like every other résumé in the geospatial community, listing capabilities, software programs and the like. I don’t update my resume nearly as often as I should simply because I don’t know what to do with it. But this incident has given me pause. Clearly, I need to revamp my  approach.

I have decided to come at it from an entirely different perspective and try NOT to sound like a rote geospatial professional but like an actual person with an interesting history. I will dust off my résumé, which I HATE doing, and polish it up. I have even decided to have someone who writes for a living do the polishing. As I begin to move in bigger geographical circles by partnering for new projects, a fresh, renewed résumé will support my initiatives and lend credibility to my experience.

When was the last time you reviewed your résumé? Is it up to date? Does it include all your civic activities? Has someone from the outside taken a look at it and given you pointers on what to highlight?

In these economic times, it is prudent to work every edge you can get to win a project. An updated résumé is a small, easy step that could have a big payout.