The article "Changing Directions" in POB's January issue talked about assessing current strategies, choosing the right course of action and developing a roadmap to find new business opportunities in the geospatial sector. 

The article mainly focused on the internal aspects of a surveying business and its macro environment. But who and what, exactly, creates business opportunity?

Remember the movie "Robots"? "See a need, fill a need." The driving force of opportunity is a result of the needs of the client. In other words, the client's needs prompt the required service.

Without the need, there is no requirement for the service. Let’s say a client needs to know with certainty his or her property boundary. Surveyors fill this need by providing a legal document to that effect, as well as the peace of mind that goes along with it. 

Thus, the need of the client also creates the value of the service. Although professional surveying is itself important to the process, there would be no need for the service if there were no need to legally define the space.

So what are the needs of prospective clients, and where exactly are these clients located?  Can we somehow tie this information together for analysis and visualization so that we can more easily find them and help them?

If we don't, we can be sure someone else will.