The Trimble Hydrant and Valve inspector solution for American Flow Control (AFC) allows water utilities to scan a barcode affixed to all new AFC hydrants and valves, including Waterous and American Darling, recording the exact specification of the hydrant and valve, while capturing its precise GPS location at the time of installation in the field. Wirelessly in the field or when you return to the office, all information is seamlessly transferred to the water utility’s Esri Geodatabase, providing instant update for the water system maps.

Utilities now have a tool in the field to find hydrants and valves paved over, or hidden by grass or landscaping. Trimble’s Hydrant and Valve Inspector instantly tells field workers the type of hydrant or valve in the ground, the manufacturer, the year made and much more that simply can’t be known at ground level. When operating the device in the field during routine maintenance or an emergency, the field worker will now be aware the opening direction and the number of turns to open, helping to prevent damage from excessive torque. 

Hydrant and Valve Inspector for AFC has been configured using Trimble’s off-the-shelf tools and technology. Powered by the Trimble Field Inspector solution platform, Hydrant and Valve Inspector for AFC can be configured to manage maintenance and inspections to optimize utility operations. The software runs on a range of Trimble mobile devices and integrates with existing utility back office systems, enabling seamless flow of data between field and office. As a combined solution, Hydrant and Valve Inspector leverages configurable workflow designs and automates field data collection with GPS, barcode scanning, digital image capture, map and photo redlining, and electronic signature capture to provide a complete solution for hydrant installation, operations and maintenance.

Through automated workflows and smart data collection forms, Hydrant and Valve Inspector allow water companies to efficiently manage hydrant and valve installation and maintenance assignments through easy-to-use tools for completing task-based checklists, accurately recording field activities, collecting GPS position information, barcode data, digital pictures, redlines and electronic signatures associated with field work all while having map information from GIS at your fingertips. With standardized field data management, the Trimble Hydrant and Valve Inspector Solution for AFC helps optimize hydrant maintenance operations, reduce costs and improve worker productivity.

Along with automating hydrant and valve maintenance, the platform provides a solution for a wide range of field applications across the utility, from smart meter deployments to routine asset maintenance inspections. By connecting Hydrant Inspector and Valve Desktop to an existing Esri ArcGIS or ODBC compliant computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) database, hydrant and valve maintenance tasks can be defined, grouped together as jobs, scheduled, assigned and automatically transferred to Trimble handheld devices. Field workers can then perform hydrant maintenance tasks using predefined workflows and intuitive smart data entry forms. Data captured in the field is then downloaded to the GIS, ERP, CMMS or corporate database to update and track hydrant and valve maintenance work status and history.

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