San Antonio Digital Defense, Inc. (DDI), a provider of managed cloud-based security assessments, has announced a high impact security awareness program, SecurED, developed to reduce the risk for security breaches within organizations.

Social engineering is one of the most effective techniques that hackers use to penetrate the security mechanisms employed by organizations to protect critical information assets. In order to fend off these forms of attacks, it is essential for organizations to effectively educate their employees. Training offered during new hire orientation sessions and/or solely on new hire anniversary dates is simply not enough. In today’s environment, security training must be able to break through the information overload experienced in today’s workplace. The content must remain top of mind with employees in order to prevent successful engineering attacks.

A December 2011 Gartner research report, “Ten Reasons Security Is Overlooked in Information Governance, and How to Fix it,” revealed the following:

  • The majority of enterprises that have begun to look at IG initiatives are not considering enough of the security and risk implications of the work.
  • Organizations should educate and raise awareness at all levels with regard to security and IT risk issues as part of IG programs.

Lawrence Pingree, Gartner security analyst, states, “Security breaches are quickly becoming an expected occurrence. As our research indicates, that security risk is a critical element in every information governance program. There is often a general lack of awareness of the security implications of gaps in data protection.”

DDI has partnered with Emmy-nominated comedy actor, Fred Willard, and Emmy award winning comedy writer, T. Sean Shannon to develop high impact training modules that are brief, fun and engaging, facilitating employee interest and a change in behavior which makes organizations more secure.

SecurEd will debut at the Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit, June 11-14th in National Harbor, Md.  A brief video trailer has been developed to announce the program. The first SecurED training module will be available for attendees to view during the Summit.

DDI President and CEO, Larry Hurtado, comments “Most security education programs lack the ‘stickiness factor’ required for effective retainment of key security principles by all employees, putting organizations at increased risk for security breaches. Through discussions with clients, we determined that we needed to develop a more effective method for impactful security awareness education. This feedback formed the foundation for SecuED, a program developed to create a culture of security through a series of high impact training modules.”