ST. LOUIS Seiler Instrument & Mfg. Co. announced they have available for rental and sale an efficient and safe way to capture engineering or GIS data from a mobile platform. Seiler Instrument is a distributor for the Trimble MX8 Spatial Imaging System. Craig Williams, PLS and manager of the geospatial operations out of the Seiler Indianapolis office, announced the completion of the build out of the Trimble MX8 Mobile Survey Data collection system on a Ford F-250 platform.

“The Trimble MX8 system provides speed, accuracy and density of data, a thousand times more than traditional data collection methods. Additionally, the data is collected safely and efficiently from the vehicle and allows you to keep up with any ambitious schedule,” said Williams. “Millions of data points collected on all hard surfaces of roadway, along with data on curbs, provide an accurate time stamp view of existing road and pavement conditions prior to construction.”

Tom Seiler, executive vice president of Seiler is also pleased to announce Ryan Swingley, PLS with Seiler Instrument, is a nationally certified Trimble MX8 support engineer and service technician. Swingley is also a project manager in charge of MX8 operations, planning, customer training and support.