SuperGeo announces the official launch of SuperGIS Biodiversity Analyst 3.0. The analysis tool is one of the SuperGIS Desktop 3.1 extensions that’s used to analyze and explore the richness, diversity and evenness of the distribution of flora and fauna.

SuperGIS Biodiversity 3.0 can integrate the GIS properties of exploring, displaying, querying and analyzing spatial and attributes data. It helps GIS professionals easily recognize how flora and fauna are distributed across the earth and the meanings of their distribution.

In addition, SuperGIS Biodiversity 3.0 delivers hundreds of landscape indices. With the analysis tool, users are able to know the information brought by each index and display the analysis results in SuperGIS Desktop 3.1.

The newest SuperGIS Biodiversity Analyst 3.0 enhances the user interface and increases a number of landscape indices to perform more comprehensive biodiversity analyses.

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The free trial is available here.