SuperGeo launched SuperPad 3.1 comprehensive mobile GIS software. It has an improved user interface with 13 languages and offers new features like SBAS extension, sample codes for custom extensions and integration with the SuperGIS server to enable effective data synchronization for users.

Specializing in mobile GIS, field survey and outdoor mapping, SuperPad 3.1 can be deployed on a variety of mobile devices, assisting field surveyors in collecting, editing, measuring and querying spatial data effectively, and facilitating the data accuracy and usability.

Featuring a brand new user interface, the software simplifies manipulation with a user-friendly operation environment, and supports multi-language interface including German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Turkish, Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

To meet the diverse resolution of mobile devices, the smart-editing toolbar is adjustable to edit features faster during field investigation, and an SBAS extension is added to ensure the accuracy of GPS data collection.

SuperPad 3.1 offers sample codes and Microsoft Visual Studio templates to users who can then develop the customized GIS functions they need. Surveyors can also access and edit the maps published by SuperGIS Server 3 (the server GIS developed by SuperGeo) and then synchronize the map files to maximize working efficiency.

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