HUNTSVILLE, Ala.Intergraph has released CADWorx Plant Professional 2013, the newest version of its AutoCAD-based, intelligent 3D plant design and modeling solution. Building on its abilities to quickly produce accurate and intelligent 3D plant models, CADWorx 2013 greatly improves the plant design and deliverables creation process for its users.

For example, CADWorx Plant Professional 2013 features a powerful new pipe routing engine. The piping components operate as a single system, allowing a plant designer to move, resize and change the specification as a single line, without the need to modify each component individually. Piping is intuitive – as a line is built, it understands how to fit each component to the next and automatically adjusts to match. This allows a designer to perform modifications on lines with minimal effort while ensuring that the entire line has been properly adjusted. CADWorx 2013’s routing tools and intuitive components significantly reduce design times, while the new change-size and routing capabilities allow faster and more flexible modifications and edits.

Another CADWorx 2013 feature new to the plant design market is the Assembly View Palette. The assembly builder lets a designer build and save a complete assembly of a piping system that can be re-used in the future parametrically. This feature boosts the efficiency of design by allowing for common assemblies used throughout a project to be designed, developed and modeled once, then re-used quickly in different areas of the plant system.

With the new CADWorx Specification Editor, project management is much easier by allowing for better control over the project requirements. The Specification Database can be easily shared with everyone involved in a project’s design.

“Modeling is so much faster with the right-click access to pipe components and parameters,” said Carol McComb, a senior mechanical designer with Ecodyne Water in Burlington, Ontario, CADWorx and Analysis University (CAU) instructor and a beta tester of CADWorx 2013. “This modeling feature provides continuous fluid pipe routing without continually having to access palettes or toolbars. The Specification and Catalog Editor makes managing and editing project specifications so much easier. The drop-down lists for the selection of component parameters from the catalog tables is so much quicker than browsing for data files.”

Rod Abbott of Tetra Tech, also a CAU instructor and beta tester of CADWorx 2013, added, “Thanks to the new CADWorx, resizing lines is a breeze. It is a huge time-saver.”

Gerhard Sallinger, Intergraph Process, Power & Marine president, said, “CADWorx 2013 elevates the design process to the next level in intuitive plant design. The new capability to build specifications and catalogs quickly and with flexibility gives a designer the power to control exactly what is needed in any project, making plant design easier and more flexible than ever.
“CADWorx continues to prove itself as the most effective AutoCAD-based plant design solution in the market, with billions of dollars of successfully completed projects. More than ever before, CADWorx 2013 is a true member of the powerful family of Intergraph solutions!”

The Intergraph CADWorx Plant Design Suite for process plant design offers intelligent drawing-to-database connectivity, advanced levels of design automation and easy-to-use design tools. CADWorx and Analysis Solutions (CAS) also include CADWorx DraftPro for intelligent 2D design and layout; CAESAR II, the world’s most widely used pipe stress analysis software; PV Elite for vessel and exchanger design and analysis; and TANK for the design and analysis of oil storage tanks.

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