Budapest GRAPHISOFT announced that the School of Architecture of Madrid will install more than 400 ArchiCAD 15 licenses. GRAPHISOFT Spain will train the university’s educators, who in turn will begin training the students on the use of the architectural software.

Architecture and design students and teachers are entitled to receive the fully-functional education version of ArchiCAD for free. Students and teachers are entitled to 1-year free education licenses of ArchiCAD after showing proof of their education status. In addition, architectural schools and academic institutions are entitled to equip their computer labs with the free academic version of ArchiCAD.

Given that BIM is the fastest-growing trend in the AEC design industry, GRAPHISOFT developed the first, full-fledged BIM curriculum to support the university education of BIM to students. As a result, the number of universities taking advantage of this opportunity has grown as well. Since GRAPHISOFT began offering free software to students, teachers, and universities through, students are better-equipped to start careers armed with the knowledge and practical skills they gain through the study of BIM.