LONDONApplanix introduced its POS MV system capable of receiving Fugro’s Marinestar positioning service.

By using the Marinestar positioning service, POS MV can deliver benefits such as:

  • Large area of operations: no geographical limitations
  • Easy to use: no additional hardware to purchase, integrate and maintain
  • High accuracy: position data is accurate to less than 1 decimeter
  • Efficiency: data is produced in real-time

The Marinestar positioning service from Fugro includes Marinestar GPS – a high performance, high-accuracy GPS augmentation service and Marinestar GNSS, a high performance augmentation service for both the GPS and GLONASS Navigation Satellite Systems. By integrating Marinestar capabilities, the POS MV can operate off shore and without reference stations, significantly expanding its operating environment. 

“The Applanix POS MV is trusted throughout the hydrographic community to provide highly accurate position and orientation information for georeferencing multibeam sonar and vessel-borne LiDAR,” said Peter Stewart, director of Marine Products at Applanix.  “POS MV with Marinestar capability takes its performance to a new level and to new environments. By expanding the areas of operation, hydrographic surveyors can maximize the return of their investment in multibeam sonar and laser scanning hardware using the POS MV.”

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