Toronto, Canada — Optech Incorporated announced its new CS-10000 camera including the latest advances in photogrammetric technology. Seamless integration with Optech's airborne LiDAR sensors creates a very efficient and flexible aerial survey platform.

The CS-10000 introduces many new features while retaining proven technologies such as the original True Forward Motion Compensation (FMC). The CS-10000 offers a field-replaceable shutter and interchangeable lenses to allow operational efficiency. Its 80-MP format provides image radiometry and accuracy to deliver high image quality. Superior data quality, upgradeability and minimized downtime will help users maximize their profitability.

“The CS-10000 is the product of 20 years of photogrammetric knowledge and engineering merged with Optech’s market-leading expertise in airborne LiDAR systems,” said Julien Losseau, product manager for Optech cameras. “The CS-10000 is not only a solution that fits the exacting requirements of LiDAR users and photogrammetrists, it's also a new platform that harmonizes all Optech cameras in an efficient and complete solution. That means users will get the best results today and tomorrow.”

The CS-10000 and other new camera products will be unveiled at the ASPRS 2012 Annual Conference in Sacramento, Calif., March 19-23. Optech also welcomes visitors to the CS-10000 workshop to be held at the conference venue, Room 307, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Tuesday, March 20.