With the help of TomTom's professional traffic analysis tools, Blom – a European provider of GIS services – can now enable governments in Europe to identify and solve the bottlenecks in their road network quickly

and at reduced costs. TomTom and Blom already cooperate in creating the largest 3D city model database, and are now expanding their partnership to support Blom in selling TomTom's advanced traffic products.

With TomTom's unique traffic products, Blom can support municipalities, regions, provinces and national government authorities across Europe with bottleneck analysis, evaluation studies and investment proposals in order to help their customers improve travel times for the entire European road network. TomTom's historical traffic database includes more than five trillion anonymous data points and continues to grow with over six billion data points collected per day.

"The expansion of our partnership with Blom is proof of the growing demand for advanced traffic analysis to help reduce traffic congestion and save costs," said Nuno Campos, vice president of sales and marketing for TomTom Licensing. "With the addition of TomTom's accurate historical traffic analyses, Blom can help speed up policy and decision-making within governments."

"Blom are always looking to bring innovative solutions to the marketplace and we believe that TomTom's historic traffic analysis technology is one such example. Therefore, expanding on what is already a successful partnership with TomTom was the next logical step for Blom to take," said Jan Skybak, vice president of sales and marketing of Blom.

The granularity of TomTom's historical traffic database is reflected in products like Custom Travel Times and Custom Area Analysis, which enable analysis to be made for any individual road segment or a larger geographical area. The analyses are quickly and easily available through TomTom's online professional web portal: http://trafficstats.tomtom.com.