3D Laser Mapping has announced a program of educational workshops, beginning in Malaysia at the end of March 2012. Designed  to educate potential users of laser scanned data, the “LiDAR Applications Workshops” will provide a thorough overview of data collection methods, explore  data processing and extraction methodologies and present examples of real world  projects. By presenting the benefits of this popular technology, it is hoped the events will attract practitioners and professionals from the fields of highways design and maintenance, urban design, drainage, hydrography and mapping.

Organized by 3D Laser Mapping in partnership with local surveying company Jalal Johari Consultants, the first of these events will take place on March 28-29, 2012 at the Royale Chulan Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

“These events are designed to provide a complete overview of both the technology and its application,” commented Jon Chicken, managing director of 3D Laser Mapping. “We will take delegates through the data capture process, looking at both airborne and mobile solutions, and explore data processing and data management including issues of accuracy and coverage. We will then demonstrate and provide evidence of successful applications of the data that have delivered tangible savings.”

Highlights from the two days will include an “Introduction to LiDAR”, “Viewing and Manipulating” laser scanned data and “LiDAR Data and Geographical Information Systems”. Examples of real world applications of laser scanned data that have achieved returns on investment will include evidence from projects in the fields of transport, utilities, asset management and city modeling.

“Many potential users of laser scanned data have, in the past, been put off by expensive start-up costs, projects that have overrun and data that has simply not delivered,” added Jalal Johari, principal licensed surveyor of Jalal Johari Consultants SDN BHD. “By hosting events such as this we hope to break down these barriers and overcome such misconceptions through education and real world evidence.”

The event is free to attend; however attendance is by invitation only.

Further information, including invitations can be obtained from Charlie Whyman, business development manager at 3D Laser Mapping: Charlie.Whyman@3DLaserMapping.com.

Announcements of further dates and locations will follow.