LIVERMORE, Calif. – Topcon Positioning Systems released a new, affordable series of lasers and levels – the 2LS brand – designed to bridge the gap between do-it-yourself lasers and industrial quality lasers, levels and surveying instruments used on large construction and civil engineering projects. As a member of the Topcon Group of brands, 2LS products incorporate advanced features not available in other builder-type laser and optical products.

Four new models are available with the 2LS brand – Orion automatic levels, Gemini series of interior lasers, Leo series of line lasers and the Taurus rotating laser system.

“The 2LS products are high quality positioning tools ideally suited for home builders, remodelers, concrete formers, mechanical contractors, drywall and ceiling installers,” said Brian Juroff, director of sales, construction.

“These new tools are perfect for anyone who needs reliable, accurate elevation and alignment control at an affordable price.  They are designed for the most rugged construction site use, and are very affordable.”

Orion Auto Optical Digital Levels
The Orion system is an optical digital level specifically designed for any leveling or elevation job. Juroff said, “Using technology usually only available on high-precision survey instruments, its easy point-and-shoot electronic design eliminates guesswork and potential errors.”

He said, “You want error free readings?  You have it with Orion. By reading the bar code on an elevation rod, it automatically displays elevations and distance.” It comes with a retractable bar code tape that can be used for measurements up to 30m (100 ft.).

Gemini Multi-Purpose Lasers
The Gemini laser lineup is designed to increase productivity on all horizontal, vertical or plumb applications, and is ideally suited for interior jobs.

This series comes in two models – normal red beam or high-visibility GreenBeam. “The Gemini systems also include the convenience of remote control,” Juroff said.

Other key features include:

  • Automatic self-leveling
  • Horizontal, vertical, plumb and match-slope modes
  • Enhanced visibility beam scanning

Leo Multi-Line Lasers
“The Leo series can do it all for layout and point transfers,” Juroff said.  Three models – 3- 5-, and 7-beams – are available.

He said, “Priced to fit every budget, the Leo laser series is designed to be used by all types of contractors – remodelers, drywall, HVAC, electrical, GC’s – to quickly set perfect corners and transfer points for walls, soffits, ceilings, decks.” The Leo series is easy to operate and features ultra-bright red laser beams.

Taurus General Construction Laser
The Taurus laser is “the perfect laser for all flat work applications,” Juroff said. “Fast set-up and ease of operation of this rugged tool push it to the forefront of affordable construction lasers.”

The automatic self-leveling instrument has a 300m (1,000 ft.) working range, making it possible “to work almost any job site with a single set-up,” Juroff said. “The Taurus gives added protection.  If the laser level is disturbed, it shuts off automatically and sends an alert so the operator does not go off-grade,” he said.

The Taurus also includes an LS-1 laser detector with dual-sided LCD display.

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