With the growing need to share increasingly larger and more complex files, “the cloud” is a popular topic in modern discussions and articles. But the reality is that the cloud has existed for quite some time. Users of Leica Geosystems' products had access to cloud technology in 2007, when Leica launched the TITAN Network. Using 3D navigation tools, users could share imagery, terrain, 3D models, and feature data sets while retaining digital ownership rights. Their portal to the network was a geographically-enabled personal space called a “MyWorld” that allowed users to upload their data, set permissions, and share content with other users in the network.

The service has evolved substantially since then to include detailed product information and documentation, online software updates, in-depth service records, professional support and online training, in addition to file sharing capabilities. Today, it is called simply myWorld @ Leica Geosystems, and new tools such as the Leica Exchange Service, launched in 2011, are streamlining the transfer of data between the field and office. In the video above, Shannon Hixon, product marketing manager – geomatics for Leica Geosystems, shares why these services are growing in popularity, as well as what Leica is doing to ensure data security for its users. Watch the video to learn more.