Michael R. Frecks, PLS, president and CEO of Terrametrix LLC, has spent most of his 34-year land surveying career pushing the envelope on surveying technology. Over the past several years, he has applied his experience in 3D laser scanning hardware and software to testing the limits of mobile data collection on roadways, railroads, airports, coastal and streetscapes using the StreetMapper terrestrial mobile LiDAR scanning system.

In a recent project, Terrametrix used its StreetMapper system to collect 3 miles of tunnel data for a positive train control (PTC) application that included a clash detection requirement. Data was captured on four tracks and catenary wires in an 8,800 feet long environment with no GPS for 14 minutes. The final results were an RMS error of 0.04 feet.

“Having an accurate system like StreetMapper coupled with the surveying knowledge of how to approach the project in a critical environment like tunnels and streetscapes is a powerful team of expertise,” Frecks said.

But Frecks isn’t just teaming his own knowledge with advanced technology. In fact, his business model is focused on teaming with others to create new opportunities for surveying firms and more value for clients. “Because we don’t chase after the work ourselves as the lead, we are able to provide benefits to companies who already have working relationships,” Frecks said.

Watch the video interview above to learn more about Frecks’ views on teaming and what he believes will be the next innovations in mobile mapping.