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Company Name: Borbas Surveying & Mapping LLC
Headquarters: Boonton, N.J.
Year Established: 1986
Number of Employees: 10
Primary Services: Surveying and mapping

Ten years ago, Borbas Surveying & Mapping provided residential boundary and title surveys for conveyances and mortgages as part of its services, and much of its work also involved municipal applications for subdivision and site plans. “The residential work, although fun, did not provide enough financial return on the time and energy spent to equate to a professional fee,” says Owner J. Peter Borbas, PLS, PP, “and the subdivision development work was in direct conflict with our open space preservation survey work to promote clean water and quality of life issues.”

The firm started turning down residential work except for well-paying projects performed as part of litigation or title claims. It began devoting more time to municipal infrastructure, open-space preservation and school projects, and it eliminated its engineering staff to avoid competing with engineering company clients. At the same time, the company began investing in its GIS capabilities and in the professional development of its staff. Today, the firm is thriving and is well respected for its work. “It is every team member’s responsibility to continue to learn new things and to teach everyone else in the firm everything that they know,” Borbas says. “Our high values and respect for our clients, teammates and third parties set us apart from other firms.”

Building trust is an important strategy for Borbas Surveying & Mapping. “We keep to our word, find new ways to assist clients and increase our value to them by giving them meaningful data in a format that fits perfectly into their systems and processes,” Borbas says. “Satisfied clients are our best marketing tool.”

The company specializes in GPS control networks and surveys, GIS surveys and data management, digital file conversions, aerial mapping control and quality assurance, and environmental compliance mapping. In these and other areas served by the firm, technology is client-driven. Any technology that allows the firm to provide higher-quality products and services to its current clients, enables the firm to expand its client base, and helps the firm give clients an edge over their competitors is seen as a worthwhile investment. But it isn’t hardware or software that ultimately gives the firm an edge. “What I believe our firm does better than anyone else is to present ourselves as knowledgeable, competent and trusted professionals,” Borbas says.

Good business practices form the foundation of the firm. Borbas carefully studies successful businesses and reads related books and articles. He participates in statewide commerce and industry groups and other related professional organizations, and he serves on committees involved in developing standards and guidelines pertaining to work handled by his firm. He also attends influential leadership conferences such as the annual Willow Creek Leadership Summit.

Two years ago, Borbas joined The Alternative Board (TAB), a membership organization that brings together owners of privately held businesses to overcome challenges and seize new opportunities with a combination of peer advice and business coaching. “I’ve worked more on my business in the past two years than I ever have,” he says. “My board has helped me understand things about business that I never even knew to look for. It has helped me to focus on my quality of life, my future, increasing the value of our company for the long haul, and profits.”

The firm's success is measured by its service. “Hard work, teamwork, sacrifice, and the belief that the firm’s purpose is to serve others is key,” Borbas says.