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Boundary Line Adjustment vs. Boundary Line Resolution

In Washington State and specifically in the county where I work, Grays Harbor County, property owners have historically used the process of a boundary line adjustment (BLA) to adjust boundaries. Unfortunately, this process does not require a record of survey. Yet, in order to convey title, a written instrument must be created, signed and recorded. This process also costs in excess of $876 currently. To my knowledge, this process is used to adjust boundaries between two parcels when the existing boundaries are not located in a desirable position; for example, when it is discovered that an improvement may be encroaching, etc. The thing is, with a BLA, the boundaries are not uncertain; they are simply in an undesirable location. The Boundary Line Resolution (BLR), in contrast, is a method in which two property owners who are uncertain as to the location of a common boundary can fix that line. It also requires written conveyance in order to finalize the process. It would also be my hope that a licensed surveyor monument the agreed upon line. The problem with involving a surveyor though is, shouldn’t he have an opinion of where that line should be? Maybe the BLR is only a logical solution when a surveyor is not involved? The problem I see with that though is folks will try to save money and pretend that they don’t know where the boundary is in order to save some money. The BLR is established in statute at RCW 58.04.007.

The reason I am posting this today is that a local surveyor has inquired about this process, and as the county surveyor for the last five years, I have not seen this (BLR) used to remedy this situation. Since I have not seen it occur, I am hesitant about endorsing it as a solution to a problem. Thanks for any input you may have.

Posted by Tom Gray, PLS