Leica Geosystems’ Leica CityMapper has joined the RealCity 3D reality capture solution, enabling users to collect and process imaging and LiDAR data in a single sensor.
Combining CityMapper and Leica HxMap, the scalable post-processing workflow software, RealCity simplifies and streamlines the creation of all 2D and 3D information layers.   

“CityMapper captures imagery and LiDAR data, enabling users to produce rich information,” says Anders Ekelund, vice-president for airborne LiDAR at Leica Geosystems. “Users can now save significant time and cost by flying once to collect twice the data as before."

The merging of sensors and software enables geospatial professionals to generate a more comprehensive geospatial base layer in just one flight. It aims to help users efficiently produce all the conventional 2D and 3D information layers, from orthophotos and oblique images to point clouds, 3D meshes and 3D models.

Eliminating the need for multiple sensors, RealCity allows a high data throughput to provide more rapid updates. With intuitive end-to-end workflow in just one software interface to produce all data sets, post-processing is accomplished significantly faster, easier and more efficiently.

"At Leica Geosystems, we continue to digitize the airborne industry through innovations not easily repeated," says Ruedi Wanger, vice-president for airborne imaging at Leica Geosystems. "By intensely listening to our customers, we understand what is required to keep users providing top results. We then deliver on that exact technology." 

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