The YellowScan LiDAR for Drone 2016 User Conference is right around the corner and features a diverse program lineup. The event is set to take place June 22-23 in Montpellier, France and will cover the broad usage of YellowScan LiDAR equipment in applications such as archeology, forestry, powerlines, surveying, mining, civil engineering and more.

YellowScan is working with international partners and speakers from Applanix, TerraSolid, ECA Drone, Carbomap, Dielmo3D, BRGM, GeoLux, L’Avion Jaune and more, focusing on LiDAR technologies and its applications.

As part of the event, YellowScan will be demonstrating the 5-centimeter accuracy of its new YellowScan Surveyor LiDAR system for drones to attendees from around the world.

In addition to the Chateau visit and wine tasting workshops, attendees will have an opportunity to gain insight into current and future product plans, hear from users of YellowScan‘s LiDAR tools, pick up tips for optimizing the application of the Mapper and Surveyor, and provide feedback and requests to the YellowScan team.

About YellowScan

YellowScan designs, develops and produces UAV mapping solutions for professional applications. Fully integrated, ultra-light and easy to use, these highly automated data collection tools are used by customers around the world in fields such as surveying, forestry, environmental research, archeology, corridor mapping, civil engineering and mining.