SettopSurvey, S.L.has released the new generation of Settop batteries, which are compatible with most total station, GNSS receiver and laser scanner brands.

The Settop Battery II has been especially designed for outdoor use. Its design is compact and lightweight. In combination with the latest Lithium-Ion technology (11.1V/10Ah or 14.8V/7.8Ah), it offers a level of performance that can successfully cover the needs of a full working day with total stations and GNSS receivers.

It also includes a short circuit safety system for protecting connected instruments, thus guaranteeing their proper functioning.

In comparison with a standard lead battery, the Settop Battery II has significantly shorter charging times, smaller size and lower weight, as well as longer life.  

An added value for users lies in its connectors with RS232 internal communication. They make it possible to configure the GNSS receivers, UHF radio modems and total stations without having to use the normal Y cables for data and power.It can be set up with different types of connectors (Hirose/Lemo) and connection cables for each brand and model in the market. The Settop Batery II is compatible with most total station and GNSS receiver brands including Trimble, Leica, Topcon, Sokkia, Pentax, Nikon, Geomax, Spectra Precision and Stonex.

About SettopSurvey:

SettopSurvey designs and manufactures precision products and solutions for the land surveying, construction, civil engineering and marine engineering markets. Settop products are designed with a different strategy, based on innovation and on solutions that are adapted to the actual needs of a wide engineering range.